Baby Giraffe Canvas - Can be personalised!

Rs. 1,499

Yellow Doodle’s Canvas Paintings will add love and warmth to your little one’s room. These exclusively handmade canvas pieces are sure to brighten up the space around your baby, making them feel special with colours of joy and art. Timeless, classic, and pure!  


Art encourages kids to think, developing skills and confidence as they go!


These paintings have a durable and long life due to strong surface of canvases and high quality acrylic colours used.  Each piece transforms a room from a blank canvas to a piece of art!

Covered in a wooden frame with a wall mount, they are suitable for decorating any surface in your kid’s nursery or to display oh-so-proudly on their favourite wall.

For a coordinated nursery, add matching pieces from our exclusive baby's bedding collection. Crafted with love, for the little one you love.

Based on 100% cotton canvas, mounted onto a rigid board to achieve greater brightness and vividness of colors. 


10 x 12” on 100% Cotton Canvas

Each of our exquisite canvases are painted with fabric- friendly acrylic colours, which are non- toxic and safe for kids and are carefully curated with these five steps-

  • Freehand drawing

  • Base colour

  • Top colour 

  • Outline

  • Framing


*Handmade with care in India


Note- 'Cause all our pieces are handmade and due to the nature of the material, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has slight variances that add to its charm and character.

Though they are permanent colours, but do not wash the canvas. 

Washing the canvas can reduce it’s life, simply wipe with a clean cloth.