Our Story

The thought of creating something unique and sustainable for babies and toddlers came to our mind, when we had a baby of our own in February 2020. Getting together through the pandemic got us thinking, if and what can we, as individuals, do to protect our Mother Earth? After facing our own fears and doubts, we chose to believe that every single thought counts, every single step matters & this is when we decided to start a socially sustainable brand for kids, Yellow Doodle.

The name itself is inspired by the Doodle Art, a powerful way of expressing creative energy & keeping kids happy & healthy. We are also looking beyond blue or pink and celebrating the colour of happiness & hope - Yellow!

Yellow Doodle is for the modern parent, who believe in raising their kids consciously & fiercely. Join our wonderful YD Family and together let’s give them a better tomorrow!

It’s the little things!

‘You are the world to your little ones. You are their nurture, their home and their comfort. You are everything to them, we are here just to add a little more love to your family’.

Yellow Doodle is a premium organic essentials brand for our adorable tiny humans.

We know just how much you treasure your little ones and how important it is for us all to work together to create a sustainable future for them. With an ethos of making only the very best for babies, we offer a timeless selection of playful prints, vibrant colours and modern geometrics; all our pieces being highly durable, incredibly soft and sustainably made. We put a special emphasis on quality and comfort, with an intention of innovation to continuously grow and improve.

Our collection matches maximum style with premium comfort for a luxurious blend of snuggle-ready must-haves, for your tiny humans!