Sensory Flash Cards- Collection

Rs. 949

Having beautiful and appropriate stimulation for your baby's brain development is now right at your fingertips with Yellow Doodle’s Sensory Flash Cards Collection. Black and white infant stimulation cards are a well known and effective way of stimulating vision as well as developing their brain and concentration. Perfect for on- the- go & at home, these cards promote baby's sensory & cognitive development.

Creative ways to use your Doodle’s Sensory Flash Cards:

  • Decorate your baby’s nursery.

  • During tummy time, whether on the bed or during their daily massage.

  • Entertain your baby during changing sessions.

  • Stick the cards under the hood of baby's stroller.

  • Place the cards in a photo album and create a mini-book.


To create a soothing and entertaining routine for your little one, follow these steps on a regular basis- 

  • Pick any animal, shape or pattern.

  • Hold around 8-12 inches away from your baby's face.

  • Keep switching cards and continue for 3-5 minutes or till your baby seems interested.

  • Repeat daily and watch your baby’s attention span develop.


Watch your baby’s eyes light up as they track and stare at the high contrast black/ white shapes and patterns on our baby development sensory flash cards. Perfect for 0-6 months, these cards will help calm and soothe your baby as well as stimulate eyesight, increase concentration skills and enhance natural curiosity. 

10 double-sided high contrast black & white durable sensory cards, with safe rounded corners.

They are perfectly sized at 7 x 9 inches.


*Crafted with care in India

While using these cards, make sure they are directly in your baby’s line of sight - whether lying down or if you are cuddling your little darling in your lap!