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Starting a business, juggling through life with a toddler & quarantine, founder and mom-in-chief, Tanya Raina walks through the journey of completing one year of her cute home-grown brand, Yellow Doodle.

If somebody asks about my happiest moments, it would be the time when my baby was born. Aaryan, born in February 2020, brought me the best feeling and another level of joy. Him being my first baby and I having no one elder in the family to guide, I was really worried about him. What are the best kinds of clothes, fabrics and comfort that I can provide him with?

All mothers can relate to this. Newborns are very sensitive and soft, thus they require comfortable clothing, proper breathing space and warmth to keep them calm and happy. 

Then, I thought of creating something unique and sustainable for babies and toddlers that came to my mind, when we had a baby of our own in February 2020. 

Getting together through the pandemic got us thinking, if and what can we, as individuals, do to protect our Mother Earth? After facing our own fears and doubts, we chose to believe that every single thought counts, every single step matters & this is when we decided to start a socially sustainable brand for kids, Yellow Doodle. 

Yellow Doodle offers a variety of organic essentials, for kids aged 0-3 years. The collection comprises primarily organic cotton bedding, muslin essentials (swaddles, blankets, wipes and many more), a cute range of soft toys and adorable nursery decor. 


I personally adore and have used for Aaryan, our everyday essentials collection (vest & stay-dry feel nappy) - a must for diaper free time for the baby. A safer choice for our environment and the baby, these cotton babywear sets are luxuriously soft, and the doodle prints are so fun & whimsical. 

Last year, three babies were welcomed in my family, but we couldn’t visit them due to travel restrictions. It got me thinking that for many this would be the case and influenced me to take a creative dive. I wanted to fabricate a unique gifting experience for family and friends of the newborn. 

Many families and mothers must have been through these situations when they wish to shower love to the new babies of the family but due to travel restrictions for mothers and covid period it becomes way too panicking. 

However, you might give your loved ones some gift via online delivery mode but this way also misses something major! 

You know what is that?

A personal touch & bunch of love. That is why, Yellow doodle offers a really cute customization and personalization of gifting basket sets for kids. That too organic and made of premium quality for the best feeling of love and comfort.


A first gift is always special with Yellow Doodle’s gifting baskets. 

Yellow Doodle’s gifting baskets have been specially designed for making these moments memorable.  A true assortment of premium cotton-rich and baby muslin must-haves, our selection of beautifully curated baskets make the perfect gifts. What makes them even more special is that you can add a touch of personalisation- add baby’s name and send across a beautiful message card. 

Our exclusive collection of gift baskets (organic muslin essentials and organic cotton bedding) come in eleven different themes for you to choose from and are beautifully packaged with love; plastic-free. These bespoke gender neutral gifts are one of our best-sellers and make coveted gift options for a new baby or momma to-be!   

I know just how important it is for us all to work together to create a sustainable future for our little ones. With an ethos of making only the very best for babies, Yellow Doodle offers a timeless selection of playful prints, vibrant colours and modern geometrics; all the pieces being highly durable, incredibly soft and sustainably made. 

Being a concerned mom. There are many other mothers like me who choose Yellow Doodle because It is us who know how significant it is to keep our babies safe, calm and happy.

I personally put a special emphasis on quality and comfort and choose only organic raw materials. Our team works with an intention of innovation to continuously grow and improve. Being a self-financed start-up, we have our share of ups and downs, but our sincere hard work is slowly paying off. Yellow Doodle did gross revenue of 70 lakhs in its first year and are looking forward to many more successful years.

We are expanding our horizon and soon will be introducing a variety of new products, now for kids upto 12 years of age. Here’s hoping for a wonderful and safe year ahead!

Yellow Doodle is a premium organic essentials brand for our adorable tiny humans. Our collection matches maximum style with premium comfort for a luxurious blend of snuggle-ready must-haves, for your tiny humans. The name itself is inspired by the Doodle Art, a powerful way of expressing creative energy & keeping kids happy & healthy. We are also looking beyond blue or pink and celebrating the colour of happiness & hope - Yellow. A name that can be trusted by parents and sends across a unique message! 

‘You are the world to your little ones. You are their nurture, their home and their comfort. You are everything to them, we are here just to add a little more love to your family’. Join our wonderful YD Family and together let’s give them a better tomorrow!


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