Side effects of diapers on babies and their alternatives

Undoubtedly, diapers have made the life of parents much more convenient for a few decades now. Diapers are easily available, with no hassle of washing, and of course no chance of leakage. But are these reasons genuine enough to opt for diapers?

Not exactly, because it is a cause of concern that a baby ageing between 0-1 year, uses approx 3,840 diapers a year- a huge harm to baby’s health & ofcourse, our mother nature.

Let us explore some side effects of diapers below.


Disadvantages of using diapers


Allergic reactions and rashes 

Your little ones have gentle and delicate skin. The body of a baby holds the potential to get infected easily when they come into contact with the external environment. The manufacturing companies of diapers use dyes, synthetic fibres, and loads of chemicals in the production process. Thus, all these chemicals might harm your baby and cause allergic reactions. 

For the same reason, diaper rashes are quite common among babies. When wet diapers are not changed for a longer time than usual, then the chances of bacterial infections and rashes increase. 


Relying on diapers for a long time is not the wise choice. Since babies on average change 320 diapers that is way too much to dig holes in your pockets. 

Challenges in toilet training

When you get in the habit of peeing and pooping into pants, then it will become a challenging chore to ground them about using the toilet. Parents as well get into the comfort zone with the use and throw of diapers, but at the time of potty training, your little one might just whimper and fuss.

Toilet training lessons should be given to babies at an early stage although this is not happening with time passing. Due to the too much reliance on the diapers, they skip this to growing age. 



Non-ecofriendly and harmful to the nature

One of the major drawbacks of diapers is that they are not good for our ecosystem and the environment. A huge amount of diapers are being disposed of every day. These add chemicals, synthetic and harmful chemicals to the environment as well. Being non-degradable they are very difficult to decompose, thus being harsh to nature.

Distress to worker’s health

Workers and labourers who actually are part of the manufacturing process in the industry are also at the risk of being distressed. Diapers involve a paper bleaching process and a carcinogenic chemical that adheres to cancer-linked chemicals putting the life of workers in threat. 

Alternative to diapers

If you are a parent making conscious lifestyle choices for your baby, you may want to switch to other options. There are several alternatives available to diapers. People have been using cloth diapers, flushable diapers, disposable diapers, organic nappy, or reusable nappies instead of diapers. 



Yellow Doodle, one of the best baby brand in India - with premium baby essentials and organic essentials, offers a simple & eco-friendly option. 

Moving towards one of the best replacements for diapers is a cloth nappy or what is traditionally called Langots. Renowned brands like Yellow Doodle offer organic cotton langots that are ideal for your little ones.

They are ethically made using the finest organic cotton and are printed with chemical-free dyes, a safer choice for our environment and for your baby. Our cotton is luxuriously soft, and our doodle prints are fun & whimsical, not only keeping your little one snug and cozy, but also looking adorable. Comes with a special stay-dry ultra-soft microfleece inner lining, perfect for keeping your baby’s delicate bum rash free!

The best part?

They are organic baby products and baby essentials, that do no harm to mother nature. Also, workers and farmers involved in the production of nappies enjoy a healthy life.



Thus, when it comes to your little one's safety you must not compromise on anything.

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