Why should you choose organic cotton for your baby?

There’s nothing quite like having a child, to make you stop and think about the world they inhabit and the future of our planet. We can all play our part to minimise our carbon footprint, by choosing organic.

Cuddly, soft & kind to the skin, Organic cotton is a premium quality fabric in every sense. 

Some reasons to Love Organic for your baby-  

Feels heavenly soft- A much smoother, longer-lasting material, which is gentle on your little one’s skin. 

Hypoallergenic- Does not cause skin irritations. It absorbs & removes body’s moisture easily. 

Better for the Environment- It’s Earth -friendly. By buying organic, we are consciously opting for natural ways of farming, thus helping to reduce the harmful effects of chemicals on the land. 

Sustainable- When organic cotton seeds are planted, they aren’t treated with chemicals- no use of synthetic pesticides & fertilizers. Organic cotton farming does not contaminate water, soil & air.

Ethical- The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensure that working conditions for the organic cotton trade are maintained to acceptable levels - showing that your choices are making a positive impact.

The Fabric of Life- It’s everywhere, from your little one’s baby blanket that they snuggle upto every night, to their cot bedding, clothing, and of course swaddle blankets.  

That's why we only use organic cotton and organic muslin for all the products in our collection. 

In a world of growing ethically minded people, we believe that organic cotton continues to be the smartest choice for your precious family.

Let’s Choose Organic!


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