A guide for first-time parents

If you ask any new parent, what is the best feeling they have experienced, then the answer certainly would be “holding their baby for the first time”. 

There must be a number of questions wandering your mind or a few things you must be doubtful about. Sounds about right? Well, you are definitely not alone. You are a cautious parent and since you are beginning a life with your new tiny human, you would want to give him/her the best care possible. 

Being a mother, I can understand the concerns you must be having. So, here are some tips and ideas to take care of your little ones. 

1. How to hold a newborn?

Asking your doctor about the needs and wants of the newborn is the most reliable thing. You may also seek help from your elders or other experienced new moms in the family. 

Newborn babies are sensitive, so always clean your hands or sanitize them before holding or touching them.

Always support your baby’s neck and head with your hands properly. 

No matter if you are playing or you are exhausted, be kind to them and do not play rough or harsh with them. Do not throw them into the air to play or anything that might shake them.

Make sure to securely fasten your baby into the stroller, carrier or car seat. Any rough and bouncy activity may affect your baby negatively.

Don't ever play rough with your newborn. Being jiggled on the knee or thrown in the air, affects your baby's health badly.


2. Creating comfort

Being a parent, for the better well-being of your newborn, you must create a close bond with your child. Bonding starts with time as soon as a child is born and with time parents can make a deep connection with their baby. The connection of a newborn with their parents is very crucial for their mental as well as physical growth.

Newborns understand the language of touch and pat. To comfort your baby you can make skin-to-skin contact by holding your baby against your own skin while feeding and petting them to sleep.


3. Diapering

Diapering is one of the areas in which new parents are often confused. Should you use cloth nappies or diapers for your newborn? 

While the subject of cloth vs disposable is often a hot topic of conversation amongst new parents, the key factor when trying to prevent nappy rash is to change them often, whichever you choose. That said, the benefits of cloth nappies are most definitely worth shouting about.  Not only are they super soft and comfortable to wear, but the supersoft inner lining locks moisture away keeping your baby dryer for longer, therefore reducing the chances of nappy rash.  Plus they are extremely long-lasting, cost-effective and available in a choice of the cutest prints. 

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4. Bathing 

You should not give your baby more frequent baths, instead two or three times a week in the first few months is enough.

It is preferred to give the baby a sponge bath up until the umbilical cord dries and falls off naturally. The navel heals completely within a few weeks. 

Before bathing, keep some basic and must items ready, like a clean and soft washcloth, mild baby soap and shampoo, a soft brush for baby's scalp and comfortable baby clothes or swaddle.


5. Sleeping

Sleep times of newborns and parents are very different. You will be shocked to hear that a newborn sleeps 16 hours or more a day. But they sleep in the interval of 2 to 4 hours which makes the parent's work more difficult. 

Actually, babies have a small digestive system that requires nourishment every 4 hours. That is the reason why newborns keep waking at night also. It is a common phenomenon so one should not worry about this. 

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Remember to turn your baby's head at some intervals at night from right to left, this can prevent the development of flat spots on one side of the baby's head. Also, make sure to share your bedroom with the baby until the age of 1 year. This will not only develop a close bond between you and your baby, but you will have a carefree sleep having your baby just by your side.

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